Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hearts, curtains, and Jewelry

Hi Everyone. I hope you're enjoying a nice Saturday to craft. I have been making my drop cloth curtains and I'm SO excited. They are turning out so well. I've made the panels and now I have to make the sashes. I'm looking forward to posting pics as soon as I can. We also bought a chandelier for our bedroom, and HubbyDoc is in charge of re-wiring and hanging it. Here's another svg file*. This is just a simple one that anyone can make, but I liked it and thought I'd share it.

*This file is no longer available for free. To purchase, go to after April 23, 2011. Thanks. Tami
I also wanted to let you all know about a special that my jewelry company is having. I don't usually mix business with my crafting, but the special is so good that I have to share it with you. I want you to know that there is NO PRESSURE to buy! I want to be known as a crafting friend first, and perhaps a jewelry lady second. I have a business with lia sophia jewelry. This month is our reverse save plan. That means that when you buy one item (least expensive), you can get 2 more items (most expensive) at half price. If you're interested in ordering, here's what you need to do: -Go to -Click on "Our Jewelry" -Write Tami Howse in the boxes where it says "look up hostess" in the upper right hand corner. -Browse the catalog. You can order right off of my web site, but if you decide to do so, just let me know as well. - Orders must be placed no later than 1/28/11 to receive the monthly special. Also for your information, we have an unlimited lifetime guarantee, which means that if for any reason you're dissatisfied, you can return it for a replacement or exchange (if the item is discontinued). It's a great deal. If you like the special and you know others who like jewelry, just let them know. Again, please don't think I'm being pushy. I just love our jewelry and wanted to share the opportunity for a great sale with you all. Blessings, Tami

Monday, January 17, 2011

My heart is heavy

Our community lost 4 teen football players in a tragic car accident yesterday morning. I can't imagine losing one of my children. My heart is so heavy for the friends and families. Please pray for my community. Fondly, Tami