Friday, September 19, 2014

Another Junk Journal- OOAK

Hey, Peeps. I thought I'd share another junk journal that I have listed in the shop. This one was lots of fun, using many different techniques.

I think stuff is what stuff is made of. Gotta have stuff.

Hand stamped and doodled swirl.

Hand painted motif with gouache and some vintage lace.

Lots of texture, gesso, and some micro beads.

Tags, beads, ribbon.

Embossed crowns, keys.

Pan pastels on canvas with some lovely glitter.


Cute clips.

Embossed leather medallions and vintage lace.

Glittered leather cutouts.

Hand sewing.


Music notes with molding paste.


Lots of texture.

Vintage labels and dress pattern paper.

Enamel heart, embellished with a vintage hankie.

And, that's today's installment of my latest junk journal. Feel free to visit in in my Etsy shop here.
And, as always, thanks for stopping by!
Fondly, Tami

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

And the winner is....

kay whelpley-terry! Congrats, Kay! I absolutely love giving stencils away. Stay tuned for a very special giveaway in the near future!

And, here's something I'm working on....

Stay tuned....
Fondly, Tami

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Time for Another Stencil Giveaway!

Hey, Peeps. I'm feeling like it's time for another giveaway. I'm giving away FOUR tag stencils. These stencils are perfect for scrapbooks, cards, mixed media projects, etc., and they have a convenient hole to use with a book ring, making them great for weekend crops. Visit my Etsy shop here and then leave me a comment telling me which FOUR you would like to win. I'll "draw a name" (meaning, I will yell to my husband in the next room, "HEY HONEY, PICK A NUMBER BETWEEN _ AND _!") by Sun., 9/14/14 at 8 PM EST. 

Here are some samples of my tag designs:

Good luck, Everyone!
Fondly, Tami

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Gelli® Print Transfers! Cute, Cute Candles!

Hey, Peeps. I can't believe how life gets in the way of blogging! Sheesh!
The creative juices were flowing and I thought of this project, which is WAY too fun. 
You know how you have all of those fun Gelli® prints and you look for different ways to use them?
Well, here's a very fun, versatile, creative, and interesting way to use them once more.
Gelli® print transfers on candles.
Yups. Use your Gelli® prints in your home decor.

And, here's a tip for you, Peeps. You DO ALWAYS scan your prints into your computer before you cut them up, don't you? If not, YOU SHOULD! Especially if it's a print that you absolutely love. Then it will be immortalized FOREVER!

Here's a fun print. I painted on my plate, did some Gelli® printing, and embellished it with hand doodles and my hand carved stamps. I printed onto a copy of a deed from my Grandparents' farm from the 1800's. And, do you remember these skins? You may recognize them.
So, I loved this print and wanted to use in something other than my art journal. 

I took some tissue paper and secured it to a piece of printer paper.

I used my glue glider on the edges and folded the tissue paper over to the back. It's important to make sure the glue is covered totally with the tissue paper, or the paper could stick in your printer and jam it. I hate it when that happens. 
The most important area to secure is the part that first feeds into your printer. Everything else should just follow after that.

Make sure you know how your paper feeds through your printer so that you're printing on the correct side. 
I have a scanner as well, so I can put my Gelli® print on the scanner and just copy it from there. 
This is how it looked when it came out. There are some wrinkles, but that's OK since they'll work themselves out.

I use this technique on battery operated candles, only. I'm a little weird about putting paper on a candle with an open flame. I know that the battery operated candles will be safe. That's just how I roll.

Remove the tissue paper from the printer paper. Since it was secured in the back, I cut the tissue off the printer paper around the edges.
I rolled the candle onto the tissue paper to do a rough measurement.

When I encircled the candle, I folded the edge back to establish a cut line. You don't want this to overlap. 

 I cut off the excess.

 Then I pinned the edges securely.

This next step is facilitated better with a heat gun, although you can use a hair dryer if you'd like. A heat gun is more efficient and will take less time. 
So, you know how if you hold a heat source to a candle, it burns and melts until there's nothing left. Well, let's just say you don't want to do that. Remember that wax is FLAMMABLE (which is kind of the point when you light one), but in this case, you don't want your candle to melt to nothingness.
Take your heat tool and start in the center of the candle (on the opposite side of the seam).

 Start in one spot. Keep the heat tool a few inches from the candle, making sure that you're not heating your fingers. When you see the candle start to glisten and the tissue paper melting into the wax, move along to the next spot, working your way around to the back seam. If you develop bumpy areas, just smooth them out with your fingers (but make sure the wax isn't HOT). When you get to the seam, go back to the center and work your way around the other side. 

If you have an edge on the top, just trim it with scissors and heat it into the wax. 
And, VOILA! You have a super cute candle that's a one-of-a-kind (OOAK- I just found that out) piece of home decor. Think of the possibilities! Christmas, Fall, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Fourth of July, WEDDINGS!!! The possibilities are endless!

And, for some super extra cuteness, I tied it with a piece of twine.

And, if you particularly like this Gelli® print, it's available as a digital image in my Etsy shop here
And, if you enjoyed this tute, please let me know. 
And, just for fun, check out my Stencil Giveaway here to enter!
Have a Super Gelli® Day!
Fondly, Tami

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

5 Simple Ways to Have a Better Day

Life has been difficult the last few years. Not difficult in the sense that I've lost my home or I have to scrounge for food to eat or that I've gone through a divorce. Quite frankly, I always feel that if I can turn on a faucet and fresh water comes out, I'm the most blessed person on the earth. But, I've gone through several changes in my life over the last few years, not the least of which was a change in my health. I have pain. Every day. Sometimes debilitating. And for this self-professed athlete, it has been very difficult.

I am a Christian. I love God. I read my Bible and go to church. I know that God won't let me go through this without wanting to be with me, wrap me in His arms and comfort me, and allow me to encourage others.

But, even with all of that, pain sucks. It is all I can do sometimes to not curl up, cry, and just let everything go.

However, there is a purpose in this. I don't always know what that is, but today I know that I can sympathize, understand, and cry with those who are going through similar circumstances.

So, as I've been dealing with the pain and all of the discouragement it can bring, I thought I'd share with you some simple things that help me. None of them are earth shattering or brilliant. They're just some things that have helped me to cope.

1. Acknowledge the things which are out of your control and do something about the things that ARE in your control. We often stress about things that are unchangeable. Find a solution to a problem about which you CAN do something, tackle it, and accomplish it.
2. Be thankful. You know that saying that is all over Pinterest? "There is always, always, always something to be thankful for" (or to be grammatically correct, something for which to be thankful). Well, there is. Always. Running water, a toilet, a smile, a sunny day, a snowy day, a rainy day, a hot day, a cold day. Get it? Find something that is good in your life and LOVE it.
3. Forgive yourself...and others. Remember that really stupid thing you said or did last week? Perhaps you need to apologize, but you definitely need to forgive yourself. We all make mistakes. Sometimes they're really big, and sometimes they're really small. But we all do it. And, have some forbearance for those who've done something stupid to you.
4. Find beauty in your day. Today, here in Lancaster County, PA, the corn fields are becoming lush. I'm SO happy for the farmers that the season has been conducive to good crops. It's a beautiful, sunny day. My husband's flowers are beautiful. I have a coffee table that I restored and I love it. My puppy is really cute. It's a good hair day. Get it?
5. Write a thank you note. This accomplishes several purposes. It makes you thankful, which makes your day better. And, it shows someone else that you're thankful, which makes their day better. And, it takes the focus off of your problems and allows you to think of others.

And yes, today I have pain.

So, I know this wasn't necessarily a brilliant post, but I hope it makes your day a little bit better. Now, get to work.

Fondly, Tami

Monday, June 9, 2014

Giveaway! Composition For Collage by Claudine Hellmuth

Hey, Peeps! I won a Composition for Collage online class, given by the wonderful Claudine Hellmuth, but I was already registered to take it (don't ask). I informed Claudine, and she is graciously allowing me to give it away! This class looks wonderful, and I'm very excited to take it myself. 
So, click here for the link and leave a comment below to enter my random drawing, which will take place on Friday, June 13 at 5 PM, EST. 
Please know that I conduct my drawings in a very non-scientific way. No Raffle-Copter here, folks. I just scream to the next room- "HONEY! PICK A NUMBER BETWEEN ONE AND XXX!" Please know that I'm also conducting this giveaway on my Facebook page, so you can also enter there. Good luck!
Fondly, Tami 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Save Your Money on Craft Supplies

Hey, Peeps. I've been thinking a lot about how us Mixed Media People love our junk supplies, and how we love to hoard collect stuff to use in our projects. I've also been thinking about products on the market, and how they are marketed to us suckers intelligent consumers. 

I went to one of my favorite Small Local Craft Stores. Believe me, there's nothing like them. I love that they carry cool products that the Big Craft Conglomerates don't. I like that I'm supporting them in feeding their families, not buying their next BMW. 

However, when I visited my Local Craft Store, I chatted with the owner, as I SO often do. She had been at a recent craft and hobby trade show. She was very excited about a new line of mixed media heavy bodied acrylic paint that had come on the market through a Large Company, that most of us know and quite frankly, idolize. 

So, I decided to try this paint. I bought a tube of it in a color that I really liked I didn't really have yet, which was a lime green color. That night, I watched a few videos from the Craft and Hobby Association where this paint was being featured. There were many qualities that this paint had, so I was excited to try it out. 

The next day, I played with it. As I collaged, I pulled a bottle of a different color and brand. As I squirted the aqua onto my craft mat, I noticed something. It appeared to have the same properties as the lime green color that was touted as being wonderful. 

So, I decided to experiment. Keep in mind that this experiment was less than scientific, but it was good enough by my standards. Technically, I should have compared the same color to it, but I didn't have it, remember? I also am not paid by anyone to do this, but if you want to pay me, that would be fine, too. 

I am not showing the Expensive Paint container, but here's the brand below to which I compared it. This is a multi-surface paint that I bought, mainly because I liked the color and wanted to try it out. It was $1.39 (without a coupon). The Expensive Paint was $5.99.

I squirted the paints side by side. They were of the same consistency (oops, I forgot a picture, but imagine two blobs on a craft mat, with gently formed peaks).

I painted them onto a piece of mixed media paper. They spread equally as well and had the same coverage.

Next, I painted circles onto a piece of plain paper from my printer (of course, I had to print something onto it, which is a copy of a deed from my grandparents' farm). They spread the same. Here you can see that the lime green color is slightly more translucent, but I would guess that that's because it's a lighter color. 

Here, I spread both paints and inscribed into them with the non-brush tip of my paint brush. Since the lime green colored paint was touted as being a great consistency, I wanted to see how the Folk Art paint held up. Both inscribed well. 

Then, I painted onto a surface that had been colored with gesso. They both also spread the same.

But wait! Perhaps the Expensive Paint would work better through a mask. Alas, it did not. Here, I used both on my Loopdeeloop mask, and as you can see, both worked well. 

So, why did I do this? I think the main reason was to empower you wonderful Mixed Media Artists to think before you buy. Is the value of what your buying really a good value? In this case, the less expensive paint is just as good, is a better value, and has a larger palate of colors. 
Will I go back to my Small Local Craft Store? Absolutely. But, I will buy fun hardware and embellishments that I can't make myself, instead. 

And, you know those shoes that you have in your closet that have a crack in the sole and water filters up and wets your dry socks? Yups. Those. Well, cut them up, add vintage buttons, and use them in your projects. 

As usual, thanks for checking in. Fondly, Tami