Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Technique for Mixed Media

Hey, Froggers. I'm on a roll. I've been working on some things for my Etsy shop and I'm having loads of fun.
So, I think I came up with a new technique. Perhaps it has been done before, but since I didn't know about it, I'll pretend it was my idea.
I pulled out some Antique Linen crackle paint, which I bought at a yard sale. I have no idea how old it was when I bought it, and I discovered today that it was very dry and very pasty. Getting ready to throw it out, I realized that as a mixed media artist, one should ALWAYS question items that are going in the trash can. I mean, really? Some of my more exciting embellishments or texture plates have almost ended in the trash can. For instance, this:

Most people would see this as trash, but as you mixed media artists know, this is a *Valuable* fruit tray. And actually, it makes a great pattern for a Gelli print.
So, I scraped off some paste from my brush.

 Then I tapped it onto a chipboard key. I really wanted texture, so I tapped instead of spread. It's just how I do things.

Then I use some blending foam and tapped some Vintage Photo Distress Ink on top after it dried.

A little spritzing with water ensued, and then a little rubbing with a slightly damp cloth.

There you go, Peeps. Instant stucco. Loving the texture.

It's going into a shabby junk journal that will soon be listed in my Etsy shop.
Thanks for reading!
Fondly, Taim

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Etsy shop

Hey, Froggers. I'm working on my new Etsy shop. I will have a variety of handmade items, and perhaps some vintage items if I can part with them!
Years ago, my Grandma gave me some "old magazines". I looked at them and gasped. They were old Life magazines from the 1930's and 1940's. Since they had been in her barn for several years, they were rather dusty, and some of the covers were slightly tattered, but all in all, they were in good shape. I love the ads and articles, many about being frugal, since after all, it was wartime. Since the magazine pages were still in good shape, but the actual magazines were somewhat falling apart, I decided to upcycle them, and this is what I made.

I made coasters from ceramic tiles. I really try to capture the excellent images and vintage quality from these old pages. I have a set in my living room, and they're always a topic of conversation. Of course, no two are alike, which makes them really unique.

Here's the second set of four.

They are now available in my Etsy shop-
Stay tuned for more goodies!
Fondly, Tami