Saturday, April 27, 2013

More Gelli Plate® Fun

Hey, Froggers! I've had a little bit of time to play lately, and I mean a little. My back problems keep me from sitting for an extended period of time, so I'm eeking in what I can. I've had loads of fun designing more stencils, and hopefully in the near future, I'll be selling them on Etsy.

This is my key stencil that I just cut out on a manila folder. I love the way it turned out. These keys are my original designs, and when I created them, it was the first time I felt like an "artist".
And, this stencil design (made of durable stencil plastic and not manila folders!) is available in my Etsy shop here.

Here's the first print. Again, I used a manila folder from a stack that I was going to throw out, until I realized that that would be a big mistake!
When I used the stencil on the Gelli Plate for the first time, it stuck a little too much to the plate, so after I took it off, I covered it with clear gesso. I haven't used it since, so I'll let you know how the next printing fares.

Here's the second print. I had covered the original black on the plate with white paint, and this is what I got. I think I put on a little too much white paint, but that's the fun of Gelli printing. You just don't really know what you're going to get.

And here's the last print, or "ghost print". As usual, this is my favorite print.

And, here are some stencils I plan on playing with in the future.

Stay tuned! Fondly, Tami


  1. WOW. Girl you are a wonderful stencil maker. Love the key stencil (mass produce those suckers so I can have one LOL).

    Love the way your prints turned out. I'm not into the gelli prints, but you could change my way of thinking.


  2. That is a GREAT stencil! I've been tied to my Gelli plate the past month as well....some prints labeled by "EyeStamp" on Flickr and chaos Time flies away fast when I'm playing with Gelli!

    Don't you LOVE ghost prints?!

    I have some ideas for stencils too but haven't cut any so far. You really are an inspiration! Nicely done!

  3. Love your stencil designs!! I want them! LOL. Gelli prints are so much fun. Your key design would make a great background for many things - collages , cards, art journal pages... Love the ghost prints. If I leave my credit card number here... Will you send me my set when they are ready for sale? LOL

  4. How did you make your stencils? I would love to create some of my own stencils but don't like using a craft knife to cut with. These look like you cut them with a machine like a Cricut? I would love to see a post on making stencils.
    Aloha, Kate

    1. Kate, I did cut them on my Black Cat Cougar, which is a great machine. I will have stencils available on my Etsy soon. Fondly, Tami

  5. Awesome, hope you have the key stencil for sale. I want one!!

  6. Your stencils are amazing!!

  7. Beautiful prints with your stunning keys! Thanks for sharing with the Colorful Gelli Print Party!

  8. Love, love, love your stencils - they're just amazing. I am seriously covetous.

  9. WOW!!!!! That is AWESOME!!!! LOVE your stencils too!!!!

  10. WOW that key stencil is awesome! Could you post a link to your Etsy store? Will you be offering the key stencil there? If so, count me in! Truly lovely work. TFS.


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