Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Getting My December Daily Challenge ON!

Hey again, Peeps. Whew! The holidays sure are ramping up, but I'm excited to participate in the December Daily because it keeps me focused on what is REALLY important- spending time in the Craft Room!!!

So, here are my first two pages. The first one was a white on white "suggestion". Since I love white on white, it wasn't a problem at all.

It's always hard for me to start a new journal. I have to get over several things:
1. That it has to be perfect.
2. That there has to be a cohesive theme.
3. That it has to be perfect.

So, with this journal, I'm embracing imperfection. I have several things I want to journal about, and if one doesn't jive with the other, that's OK. This is my PLAY time.

I've gone through some revelations lately, so I'm going to include them this month. I've had to re-define some boundaries concerning some relationships, so I'm going to write about that, as well as celebrating every-day life. I'm also including some materials from this month's Brave Girls Club Soul School, which is a fabulous course. So. Many. Good. Things.

So, in keeping with my new-found love of hand-carved stamps (see blog post here), I wanted to have a lined area for my journaling, so I made a stamp.

So, here is my first page in the journal. Pretty self-explanatory.

Ha! I did end up covering up some mistakes. Kinda ironic.

I often over-think my work. I think it's because since I'm in the business of designing and selling my crafts, that I think everything has to be perfect (like I endeavor to do for my customers). However, sometimes I need to just sit back and have fun.

And here's the page for Dec. 2. I included some interactive journaling cards that open up. This might become a trend.

Here are the cards.

And inside, I wrote about places where I'm peaceful.

Card 2

And inside, how I can seek peace:

And, here is the layout. I've never really liked my handwriting, but it's all a part of who I am, so I'm going to write more instead of relying on a cute font from my printer.

Of course, I had to do a little painting and doodling.

And I included the cute pin that came with my Brave Girls Soul School subscription.

And, I even sat at the sewing machine, which isn't my fave thing to do, but I love the effect. A few pearl embellies later, and I was done. I do have to remember to punch my holes in my pages before I start adding junque, so that I don't cover over those areas. After all, it DOES need to be somewhat functional and put together, not unlike me.

Thanks for looking! Stay tuned for the next few days' layouts!
Fondly, Tami