Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bar stool- Reverse Stenciling

Hello again, Froggers. The title of my post was going to be "stool", but being a nurse, it just didn't look right, so I changed it.
I started out with a plain oak stool that I bought at a yard sale for about $2. It just needed a few minor adjustments by tightening the screws.
I didn't get a full before pic but you've all seen them.
I wanted to do a pattern on the top, and as usual, I just designed a pattern, cut it out with vinyl, and painted over it.
I started out with a black base coat, because that's what color I wanted the design to be (you almost have to think backwards). I used granite chalk paint for this.

I tried to cheat and use contact paper instead of vinyl to increase my profit margin. The contact paper was a little too flimsy. It did work, but it required some more fussing than I wanted to engage in.

Then I painted over the contact paper with old white chalk paint.

Because I was working on a circle, and my design wasn't perfectly symmetrical, I forgot to "square it off" with the legs, resulting in some (*#$@Y#)%   words (or at least thinking about them). So, I painted over it with black and started all over.
It's important to know that I always pull my vinyl up when the paint is slightly wet. The danger in doing this is risking letting go of your vinyl, having it flop back on your design and smudging it. However, those of us who make these kinds of mistakes just call them "new techniques" and call it a day.

Here's what the final looks like:

I'm kinda tickled with it.

Here it is after a light sanding, some clear Briwax, and some buffing.

Yeah. Pretty pleased here.
And, stay tuned for my tutorial on how to use vinyl with your subway art, replete with tips and tricks that I learned after making uber numbers of mistakes!
Fondly, Tami
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Monday, September 19, 2011

Chillaxin' in Maine

Hey, Froggers! Well, you caught me at a great time because I'm refreshed from a week in Maine. Yup. It was the first vaca without the kids...well, young adults. We've empty nested (as "empty" as we can be, still paying 2 college payments, picking kids up for breaks, answering phones in the middle of the night about grades, a boyfriend, lack of a boyfriend, etc.). It was a FAB FAB FAB time. The weather was perfect, and HubbyDoc and I did a lot of biking, eating, resting, reading, and crafting (yes, he is a crafter as well).
Since I couldn't take my furniture along (although I almost made HubbyDoc bring home a dresser from a yard sale), I did some other crafting.
So, those of you who don't stamp, you may be bored with the rest of the post. But, for those of you who do, read on, 'cause I think you'll like what you see.
I learned a trick a few years back. I don't like all of my heavy, wooden stamps, and prefer to just have the rubber sitting around for me to mount it on an acrylic block and stamp away. Storage is so much simpler!
Needless to say, I have many un-rubbered blocks sitting around, like this one.

So one day, I was thinking, "They're wood, they're a clean palate, and they're small. They're PERFECT to decorate!" Then I did. Decorate. I love them. They can be tucked in anywhere in your home for a surprise little effect.

 Here's one with Penny Duncan's gorgeous poinsettia.

This next one is done with Tim Holtz's embossing resist technique that is my new fave technique.

Same technique, different stamps and colors:

This one has the wonderful vintagy glitter from Stampin' Up.

And here's the back of the one above:

I used a vintage santa that I got from a site on-line. Gotta love freebies!

And, I believe they look nice as a grouping.

Don't you think that these would make lovely hostess gifts during the holidays?
Let me know what you all think. And, if you creative Froggers have any other ideas, please LMK!!!
Now I gotta go do some housework, bill paying, and furniture rehabilitation. I have so much to do today, that I put myself on a strict schedule. And, I'm actually stickin' to it, except for this little diversion. Back to work!
Fondly, Tami
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