Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cancel Your Trash Service!!!

Hey, Peeps. I just finished up a rousing weekend at the Cozy Crop House, teaching a Gelli Plate class. 
One student said after doing mixed media, that she was going to cancel her trash service, since you can use just about anything in mixed media. Ha.
We had a blast making lots and lots of prints with my original stencils, available here in my Etsy shop. You won't find these anywhere else since they're my designs, so you can be assured that your journals, Gelli prints, and art work will be unique!
Here's a sampling of my designs, already used and colorful from the class.

One day, I unwrapped a brand new memory foam mattress, and I was getting ready to throw out the fabric type wrapping, when I STOPPED myself. WHAT WAS I THINKING??? I knew exactly how I would use it. GELLI PRINTS!!!
So, we made a Gelli print banner for Valentine's Day. 
We made prints on the fabric, and then cut out hearts, using my heart stencil as a pattern.

 Here's my design.

Gotta love layers and texture.

My circle stencil. 

And my Square Swirlies stencil ...

More Hearts Galore for a ghost print....

Painting directly on the Gelli Plate

This gal said she couldn't paint. I would beg to differ. This was one of my favorite prints.

Painting directly on the plate is one of my favorite techniques.

Someone was getting quite artsy.

Brayering over my favorite Faith stencil for a different look.

Lots of very cool designs.

And this "Crowned" stencil was well used.

More, very cute, hearts.

I love seeing how my students make their art their own.

As always, thanks for looking. Up next, a Girlie canvas. Stay tuned!
Fondly, Tami