Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santa Vase

OK, Froggers. This is just a simple little post since I am having a party for 40+ people next week. Never mind that I've hardly done any Christmas shopping, only have half of my decorating done, the lights on the elaborate crystal and silver stairway garland won't light, and my house is a MESS. So, this is short and sweet.
I can't even take take credit for the design of this delightful decoration, but I saw it on Pinterest, and HAD to do it. I just took a "small belt that I'll never be able to wear again" out of my belt collection under my bed that has gathered dust, cut it down, made a hole with my lovely Cropodile tool (which quite frankly, looks like an obstetrical instrument), and belted it around a vase that was filled with cranberries and water. I also put a large tealight in the top so that I can light it and draw attention to it. After all, I want Crafty Credits with my friends, Peeps. Isn't that what it's all about?
Have a great, productive day, unlike me.
Fondly, Tami