Friday, September 2, 2011

Dumpster Diving

 Well, Froggers. I have stooped to the bottom. Yup. Dumpster Diving. Well, I didn't actually go in the dumpster. I picked something up beside the dumpster. So, I think that doesn't qualify. Or does it?
You see, a good friend tipped me off briefly before church started 2 Sundays ago. He told me about a chest of drawers that looked like it was in good condition near his daughter's apartment.
And, yes. I did immediately look at my watch. Shucks. Church was starting in a few minutes. Could I just slip out without anyone seeing me?

I succumbed to internal pressure to stay. As my pastor was talking about God's love, I was thinking about Furniture Love. You know. The deal of the century. The piece that didn't get away? That great piece of furniture that you procured for FREE?
Would it still be there? Would it start raining and ruin what was left on the finish? Would someone else get there right before me and snatch it from my clutches?
As soon as church was over and I paid my requisite greetings to my Fellow Christians (although could they call me that after I hadn't paid attention all morning?). A streak was seen as I exited the building. Well... not quite. After all, I really can't run that fast.
HubbyDoc, Youngest, and I drove the Subaru to said location, and lo and behold, it was still there! Joy and Jubilation! We pulled out all of the trash items that were placed in front of it. We jiggled the drawers, rocked the base, and checked the joints. The only thing that was wrong with it was that the runner for the bottom drawer was broken. No problem. I'll just ask my dad to fashion the piece for me and I'll nail it in.
Now, here's the funny part. Since Youngest was in a hurry to go to lunch with a friend, and the Subaru would only hold the chest plus 2 people, I decided to wait for HubbyDoc to drive home, drop off Youngest, and then come back and pick me up. Keep in mind that we had just come from church.
Our church is very casual. However, this particular Sunday, I decided to wear my cute new sandals with heels. Once Hubbydoc went home, I was left, literally standing on a street corner waiting for him to return. In the rain. It was then that I discovered that perhaps I looked less like an innocent Furniture Stealer and more like a Hoochie Mama. As people drove by in my conservative, small town, I received looks like I've never received before.
So, just call me Hoochie Mama Dumpster Diver. 

Here's the chest in its nakedness.

I love wooden knobs. They're so versatile. 

And here's the transformation:

I painted it with a combination of Versailles chalk paint and Paris Grey. There are actually numbers on the chest, but there's not enough contrast for the camera to pick them up. I was a little disappointed that you can't see them well, but perhaps that's the charm of the look. Yeah. I'll pretend it was planned.

I love painting the knobs!

And, last but not least...I was a winner on Miss Mustard Seed's blog! I received a lovely pencil tin:

This is from Abodent, which has delightful little goodies.

AND, I received a $50 gift certificate. Deciding what to use it for was quite difficult, but here's what I finally ordered:

I received 8 of these adorable knobs after paying just a little bit more than $50 since they were shipped from the UK. I can't wait to find the perfect piece to put them on.
Well, that's it for now, Froggers. I hope you have a splediferous weekend! Fondly, Tami

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