Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another "placemat"

So, I love the idea of creating full designs that I can use as placemats. Here's one that was made using the Hawaiian font (I think from Dafont.com, but I'm not sure). It's a dingbat font and I've used it to make some lovely edges for cards (pre-blogging days, so I don't have pics, but rest assured, I'll make more in the future and this time I'll take pics for y'all).This time, I actually cut it out before I posted it. This is what it looks like. Wouldn't it be pretty cut out of white paper for a winter (which is becoming a curse word in my house) theme? I cut one out of red since it's Valentine's season and it's also my favorite color. A note of caution, though. This takes FOREVER to pull off of your mat. Use a sharp blade, a medium sticky mat (if it's too sticky, you'll pull your hair instead of the paper), and good card stock (I think this was core-dinations).
 **This file is no longer available for free. To purchase, go to www.diecutdesigner.com after April 23, 2011.

And, speaking of my favorite color, these always add a special touch when it's as cold as a brass bra outside. We've had this amaryllis for many years. HubbyDoc knows how to grow 'em, and I just enjoy 'em. And, yes folks, that is STILL my Christmas garland in the background. I just love how it turned out this year and I'm loathe to take it down. So, sue me. Here's a close-up. We have several more plants in the house. The pink one is blooming as well, and we have about 6 more buds, including some minis. They help to carry us through this season.

So, as HubbyDoc and I are getting ready to send Youngest off to college this fall, we're thinking of more things we can do together. We already ride bikes, but I'm considering getting cross-country skis. Seriously. I feel so pent up inside right now, and I'd break my neck downhill skiing, so I'm thinking of taking up an activity that's flat and slow but that will get us outside. I'll keep you posted. However, having a second child in college might mean we'll be outside all the time because we'll be HOMELESS. Well, probably not, but I might be asking for handouts next year about this time. Anyway, as usual, leave me some blog love if you feel like it. I so enjoyed all the comments from the previous post. Thanks, Froggers! (that's my abbreviation for friends who are bloggers. Not sure if it's original, but I just thought of it so I think it is) Fondly, Tami P.S. My previous design will cut, but it's SO very fine in some places. You might be better off just using your Crikits or your Cricut pens for that one.