Thursday, March 5, 2015

Clean Your Craft Mat With Skin Peelings- Part II

Hey, Peeps. Here's the long, drawn-out sequel to Part I of "Clean Your Craft Mat With Skin Peelings, Part I", which was here.

Here is the final piece, still stuck on the mat, but dried. The extra heavy gloss gel medium dried beautifully clear.

The reason to lay it on extra thick (see part I) is so that it has "substance" when it's peeled off of the mat. Here you can see that there's something for my credit card to "grab" onto to get the peeling started.

Just find the edge and push to gather it slightly. I did this all around the perimeter of the design.

Here, you can see the edge.

Honestly, Froggers, I didn't expect that this would all come up as one piece. It's about 9x11 inches or so. I thought it would rip or tear at some point, but I must have done a whiz-bang job of laying down the gel medium, because I had absolutely no problem keeping it all together. I just pulled it off slowly and carefully. Here it is, placed on top of a piece of white paper.

There is just SO much yummy goodness.

Here, you can see the hand-carved stamped images.

More hand-carved stamp images as well as painted doodles.

Texture and layers.

And more glittery goodness.

And, because this is essentially "plastic", when you store it, make sure to put it in between two pieces of waxed paper and make sure it stays flat. And, don't let it fold in on itself. You might be able to pry it apart, but I don't make any guarantees.

So, what will I do with this?
Here are some ideas:
Die cutting- I would cut this into smaller pieces (I know- perish the thought!!!), place a piece between two pieces of paper, and run it through my Big Shot.
Cards- cut this into smaller pieces and collage onto cards, perhaps using some patterned paper underneath. I would use gel medium to glue it down, but if I used gel medium on top, I would definitely use gloss, since matte would dull it, and it's SO pretty in its shiny state.
Canvas- need I say more? This would look so pretty on a canvas with some embellies like flowers, buttons, etc.
As a layer on any other substrate, like laminate samples (see my blog post here), tags, old pieces of wood, wooden clipboards, etc., etc.
As a layer on top of gelli prints.
And on, and on, and on. 
When I get the nerve to cut this up, I'll show you sometime, K?
Again, thanks for visiting. 
Fondly, Tami


  1. But is your craft mat clean now? :)

    This is a cool idea! My craft mat is a disaster! Definitely gonna try this.

  2. This turned out amazingly! So much to look at in one piece. Can't wait to see what you end up doing with it.

  3. that turned out so cool Tami!!!!

  4. This came together so awesomely!!


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