Monday, January 19, 2015

Mixed Media Laminate Sample- Project One

Hey again, Peeps. I just came home from a wonderful weekend of mixed media near my home town. We get together once a year, and it's so much fun. While I love the Craft Room here at home, it's nice to get away from the day-to-day demands that pull me from my crafting. If you haven't ever gone on a mixed media retreat, I'd highly suggest it.

I'm taking part in a wonderful course called Creative Jumpstart, which can be found here. This year, it is generously sponsored by Liquitex. The course includes short videos just about every day in Jan. and they're great.

So, back to this weekend. I had so much fun just PLAYING! I didn't have an agenda or a specific project. It was great to just explore different techniques.

I started with a laminate sample from my local creative re-use shop. Gosh, that place is filled with so many different substrates for painting and goo-ing up. It's about 5x7"- the perfect size to finish in a small amount of time.

I wanted to use mainly my own stencils, so here's how it looked.

I started with a base of gesso and paint, and then I used my Piano tag stencil. Since I'm a musician, this one is rather meaningful to me.

The came the Data tag stencil. This one gives some whimsy to mixed media, card, or scrapbook projects. 

Then came the Scruffy Crosses tag stencil. The tag stencils are my go-to supplies for retreat weekends since they're so portable and store easily with a book ring.

Then I took out the Mish Mash stencil. Again, this is one of my faves because there's so much going on in terms of texture and design.

Then, the arrows came out. Gotta love me some arrows.

And, don't forget a little doodling, rub-ons, and bling!

Again, thanks so much for checking out my blog!
I do feel a stencil giveaway around the corner!
Fondly, Tami


  1. I love this,,,,,I played Piano as a child,,6 years of lessons and haven't touched one (hardly) since, though I loved to play, hated the rehearsals at 6 to 12 years of age (was shy then,,,certainly not now!) But your piece reminded me of that upright piano on our back porch in Maine,,,We lived on the water and I could practice with head turned toward my sailboat screaming for me to come join her,,,but one hour had to pass before I was allowed...(everyone has a story and loved yours)

    Did you cut the keyboard with a cutter? or by hand and if so did you find the keyboard design somewhere? I would love to make this also. Thanks so much for sharing

    1. Aw, Leslie. What wonderful memories! I cut the stencil with my electronic cutting machine. I designed it myself, and I do sell it in my Etsy shop, linked in the post. Fondly, Tami

  2. Duh, I read the rest of your blog! you design and sell stencils....I may just have to break down and get the piano one on Etsy....saw the link!

  3. LOVE it! Thanks for sharing Tami! You are inspiring :)

  4. Replies
    1. Gill, it really is all about layers! I find that when I don't like something, I just add more and more layers and I usually end up liking it! Fondly, Tami

  5. very cool! I like your stencils. =)

  6. just excellent - bet they would look simple fabulous as atcs too -love the stencils- gabriele

    1. Ooh, yes, Paddy. I do have some smaller ones (a little smaller than atc size). It gives me ideas- like making a smaller one to use as a "charm" on the larger one. Oooooh....Fondly, Tami

  7. Wonderful to see your play, and I know I'm enjoying Jumpstart just as much - love anything that generates creative fun!

  8. I love music and I play the piano and this page just went to my heart.
    Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing

  9. I am a huge fan of mixed media and I'm so glad I saw your link at the Party Junk party. Love your piano canvas - so wonderfully creative. I'm your newest follower :)
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista


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