Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Using Shoes to Make Cards

MAKE RESERVATIONS NOW! If you're like me, Valentine's Day often gets lost in the shuffle of real life. This year, I made reservations (yes, already) for a very nice restaurant for which I have a gift card. However, my sister called and said she and her husband will be in town that weekend. Oh, well. Perhaps I will make reservations for another time. Drat.
Anyway, here are a few cards I made for the occasion.

You see, I may or may not have cut up a red leather shoe to make some hearts. 
I had a great pair of Clark's sandals. I loved those shoes. However, when we moved 9 yrs. ago, the movers lost one shoe. I'm not sure how that happened, but it did. 
I waited and waited and waited for that other shoe to show up. It never did.
So, I had this wonderful red leather. 
"Why not cut it up?", I thought. 

So, I did. Here are the four hearts I cut. Dang, I would have loved that other shoe as well!

And, here are the cards. Not bad, eh?

I altered the hearts a little more by stamping with permanent ink.

Since these cards are so full of "stuff", I will reserve them for hand delivery. 
So, the next time you want to throw out a pair of shoes (or a handbag or a belt or a....), think twice!
Again, thanks for checking in.
Fondly, Tami

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  1. oooo, i have a pair of leopard, when I see them next in the closet, they will have new meaning,,,,other than they hurt to wear, but look sooooo darn cute on...thinking they will looked cuter on the next project...


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