Monday, December 20, 2010

A few more pics

HubbyDoc makes the frames for me, and then I make beaded snowflakes. They sparkle quite nicely. I need to make more of those as well. Oh, well. Not enough time. I've also tried my hand at engraving acrylic with a Dremel engraver. I like the effect, but the workmanship isn't the best. Perhaps I'll have time to practice more some day. Another picture of HubbyDoc's German stars. He's going to make me some that I'll dip in beeswax and then sprinkle a little glitter on them. I think they'll look pretty. These are giant alliums that are in our garden. I just let them dry on the plant, cut them, and then spray paint them either white or gold or whatever my color scheme is. They make a great tree topper. I have to put more on this year's tree but I haven't been able to spray more since it's been so windy outside. Mylittle companion was tired. She works so hard. And, here's part of my banister. It's my favorite thing to decorate. Since it's right in the foyer, it makes a statement as people walk in. Hopefully, it's warm and welcoming. My favorite banister garland was the one where I dried about 60 roses and used them. It was a show-stopper for sure. Thanks again for looking. Tami

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  1. BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLLLLL Snowflakes!!!!! And I also wanted to THANK YOU so very much for you very very sweet comment!!! It has definatly made my heart smiles....My aunt is indeed a huge part of my life and I love her dearly!!!! I wish you a very blessed Monday!!


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