Monday, December 13, 2010

I just love decorating for Christmas. HubbyDoc and I have made many of our decorations or ornaments. This is a garland that my daughter and I designed this year. I never do the same thing from year to year. This is a very full, fake greens garland that I got for free on the side of the road. Someone apparently didn't want it and put it in a box marked "free". I snatched it in a New York minute! The snowflake garland is one that I made by crocheting snowflakes, starching them, and then I tied them together. There are silk poinsettias with leaves, red shiny ornaments, and a crystal garland (hard to see in the pic but it gives off lots of sparkle and shine). The candles are fake and the best thing about the is that they're remote. So, I can have the ambiance of candlelight without torching up the house. I LOVE it when that happens! This little guy is fun. I just took a planter (that I really don't like), put it in my Grandmother's butter bowl (that was used countless times), put fake greens around it, added some picks (and I made sure some were sparkly!), dried peonies (that I'm sure everyone has just lying around the house), tiny battery powered lights, some tall picks to make it more vertical, and a santa for some holiday spirit. I'm pleased with how it turned out. Probably for New Years, I will take the Santa out and add some sparkler type thingies. I hope this gives you a few ideas as well. Next, I will post my stairway garland and pics of my handmade Sculpey Santas.

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