Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crafting mania!

So, I had a great SAHM Homeschooling Mom Day. It was the next best thing to Mother's Day. Cooking, spending time with friends, having my Fam all at home, and working on craft projects were the order of the day. I looked a little crazy. My Happy Place (aka craft area) is in the basement, and today, I was up and down the stairs with clean paintbrushes, dirty paintbrushes, pastry bags replete with couplers and tips, a phillips screwdriver, and my Droid, newly loaded with a recipe (I e-mail myself recipes from the internet, then take my Droid into the kitchen and thus- a new cookbook!).
So, today was Multi-Tasking (aka PADD- meaning Project Attention Deficit Disorder) Day. Let me run down the list:
-Had tea with good friends from church, but I had to finish up the homemade box and card set for the hostess (pics below).
- A quick trip to AC Moore for white spray paint (with a coupon).
- Put the first coat of paint on my next bedroom project.
- Made Challah bread in the breadmaker (do you REALLY think that I made it by hand, I mean, do you really think I am a house diva???) which I procured from Freecycle. OK, I just might be a house diva after all.
- Made meringues from the leftover egg whites from the Challah bread (after doing algebra to figure out the ratios- OH YEAH!), while listening to Oldest Daughter singing "Tell Her" (by Del Amitri) and playing her acoustic guitar. I have to admit that she plays quite well and her voice is SO pretty. (Homeschool Mom Moment- I love my girls. They are the greatest. I homeschooled them from kindergarten and first grade. Now, don't go getting all "homeschooling is weird" and "all the kids I know that are homeschooled are social reprobates." Believe me, I've heard just about all the ignorant comments. I'm not anti-public school. As a matter of fact, we gave Oldest the option to go to public school in high school. She chose to stay home. Scholarships, Teen Volunteer of the Year, Phi Theta Kappa, playing violin in the world premier of Mendelsohn's Elijah in four different cities in Spain, which was accompanied with choir singing in Spanish, an offer of a classical guitar scholarship at a prestigious college, almost a full year of college credits in high school, and being told they're delightful young ladies, I think we've earned our keep in society. THIS mom is pretty proud. Sorry for the bragging). And PLEASE, when you feel like criticizing homeschooling, please get your facts straight before you judge. After all, that's how I could use algebra to figure out the ratio for the meringues. Just sayin'.
- Painted the first coat of white on a dull, dark wood picture frame that I got for *c*h*e*a*p in the clearance bin at the Pottery Barn.
-  Refurbed an architectural element (funny story to follow), which will be strategically placed in my bedroom. I'm not sure what HubbyDoc thinks of my new shabby chic style. I think he'll eventually get used to it. He wasn't sure of drop cloth curtains, but he actually likes them (btw, there will be pics of the curtains after I make the sashes, that I'm stuck on, which have to be perfect, you know).

Btw, if you don't see any more posts on my blog, it means we all died of carbon monoxide poisoning from having to prop open the oven door during the 3 hours it took to bake the meringues. Just sayin'.

The algebra for the ratios. I do love math.
Here are some of the cards I made for my friend, whose name obviously starts with "J".

And here is another SVG file. It's a bird cage that I was particular excited about making. 

*This file is no longer available for free. To purchase, go to after April 23, 2011. Thanks. Tami
Enjoy! Tami

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