Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring has sprung

Hey, Froggers. I'm sorry I've not posted lately. I've been SO busy. We had a lovely time last weekend. You see, my youngest plays the violin. Quite well. And for a senior project, she decided to do a senior recital. I mean, she did it ALL- lining up her accompanists, securing the venue, organizing practice times, deciding on the program, writing composer biographies, setting up the program, making and sending out invitations (with a little crafting help from yours truly), and writing thank you notes and getting gifts for all who helped. It was a magical night. SO magical, that her enchanted mom didn't think to take pics. Now, she did procure the services of her good friend, who took still shots and video, which she has yet to see since he's a very busy pharmacist. The only thing Youngest did not do was to plan and cook for the reception after the recital. "How many people were you expecting, Tami?" you might ask. Well, the one thing that Youngest did not do is ask for an RSVP. I wasn't angry with her. I just didn't know how many were coming. So, I prepared food for a lot of people just in case. Lots. Six pounds-of-meat-turned-into-meatballs, artichoke dip (courtesy of my mother, who doubled the recipe), onion dip, chocolate cake (courtesy of my wonderful neighbor, Ruth), peanut butter Tandy Kake, chips, chocolate chip cookies, vegetables and dip, and punch. Whew! 60-ish people later, our house was full off laughter, compliments to the Violinist, wonderful teens and elderly people (Youngest has volunteered in the local nursing home for about 4 years), and a very unhappy dog who was relished to the upstairs, lest she pee with excitement on people's shoes (I hate it when that happens).
Here's Youngest just tonight with her prom date

And, today I had lots of fun. HubbyDoc's garden is starting to look nice. Every year, I forget to take pics, and this time I'm doing it! And, I'm also cutting (flowers, not myself) and arranging.
Here are a few things I arranged today:

And, this was my big SCORE for the week. The white "tray" is actually a cabinet door that I found at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store guessed it...a buck. Can't you just see some candles on this, or painted a Christmas color with vinyl letters saying Joy or Peace or Noel? I may have to go back and get a few more for that price.
Here's the look:

And here's a bird's eye view:
Even I have to admit that this looks a little "MissMustardSeed-ish".

And, I just know that EVERYONE wants to see my laundry on the line. It doesn't get any more scintillating than this, Folks! However, it was a wonderful, flappy day.
OK, so I'm not so good at photography, but I hope to get better.
And, I'm leaving you with a little more cuteness.

Thanks for stopping by!
Fondly, Tami


  1. Actually your photos are really quite nice. I like the sheets flapping in the wind, with all the greeen grass in the background. Very Americana1

  2. Where to begin?! Those flowers -- so pretty! I have ONE tulip that is trying to open. The rest are shivering and refusing to open! And that white door -- SO I just found out about the Hab. 4 Hum Restores and one is opening about 45 min. from me on April 30 . . . I am SO going! And that little pooch -- ADORABLE!

  3. How pretty! Your arrangements are so cheerful!

  4. those arrangements in the glass vases are simply beautiful! xoox, tracie

  5. Love the cupboard door with the three little vases!! I've got a couple of narrow doors from our remodel that I've got all sorts of ideas for now- thanks!

    An Oregon Cottage

  6. Wow - prettiest picture of an old cabinet door I've seen in a LONG time! Thanks for sharing!


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