Friday, May 27, 2011

Coffee, Crafts, and a Graduation Cap

So, I've been busy graduating my homeschooled daughter. This ends the era of 13 years of homeschooling for me. It's been a very rewarding time- teaching a learning at the same time (I'm WICKED good at African geography, BTW). I've worked hard to provide a well-rounded education for her (along with HubbyDoc's help). She is a delightful young lady who is headed to college for speech pathology and audiology. I couldn't be more proud (in a good kind of way).

Here she is (quite the cutie, if I do say so myself):

And, here is the moment where we got to hand her the diploma:
It was one of my "magical" times. Yipee.

Well, Froggers, now that I'm not homeschooling anymore, you might hear me saying, "LET THE CRAFTING BEGIN!!!" Yes, I'm excited.
Here are a few things I've been working on:

 This is a piece of subway art that I hope to sell locally.

Here it is, in all its finished glory. It's a wooden board, about 13x14 inches.

And, in keeping with the subway art theme:

This is my first try with the venerable Chalk Paint. I do like working with it, but I need to get used to its nuances.

It's so much fun pulling up the letters to reveal the base coat.

No, those aren't my fingers in the pic. My oldest daughter wanted to help. I'm currently sporting a beautiful blue-chalk-paint-and-wax covered French manicure.

And, this is the finished project. It's a wooden plate, about 12x12. And, hey, if you're interested, send an e-mail my way and I can sell you a custom piece, depending on the wood that I have at the time.
Gotta go dream about all the extra time I'm gonna have.
Fondly, Tami
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  1. Congratulations on your daughters graduation. Love your subway art. :-)

  2. Oh Tami....your project is AWESOME!!! But your daughter is VERY VERY Beautiful!!! I know you are SUPER SUPER proud of her!!!!! Congratulations to her!!!

  3. That subway art came out awesome. Thanks so much for stopping by. I am your latest follower. I hope you will stop back and follow me back. If you stop back tomorrow you can see my first project with the chalk paint. I think it came out awesome. Can't wait to paint something else. I already have my second project planned.

  4. Love the subway art and I even know where Lititz, PA is we have friends that live there. I'm right up the highway from you in Williamsport. PA. I might have to try this for williamsport. Great job!

  5. Geez - it's like you read my mind!!! LOVE this! How much for the Lititz one? That is my hometown!
    Stacey of Embracing Change
    p.s. - still love those Wilbur buds - they are the best!!!


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