Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wax brushes

Hi, Froggers. I have been enjoying some much needed time with HubbyDoc and have neglected my blog. I know, I know. Send the blog police, why don't cha?
I have been reading about the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (which I ADORE) and all of the accoutrements and I wanted to mention something.
If you're anything like me, when a new product comes along, sometimes I feel like I just HAVE to have it, especially when my Blog Idols are using it. Being on a fixed income- meaning that all of my income is fixed to going to college payments for 2, I can't afford to be getting the latest and greatest of everything.
Which brings me to wax brushes.
I do admit that when I started using ASCP, I just had to have that expensive Italian wax brush. But, being somewhat frugal (remember the dumpster incident?), I looked around for a similar brush. I checked several craft stores (you know, the ones with the coupons?). I couldn't find anything that looked like the Big Beautiful Brush that "applies wax so beautifully". So, I bought the Big, Beautiful brush when I was at Luckett's (finding it at On a Whim down the street). Miss Mustard Seed, in her tutorial, stated that the brush will shed some fibers along the way. She was right. Every time I wax (my furniture, that is), I have to pull some of those errant little hairs off of my lovely finish.
Then one day, I went shopping with my mom and daughter. We went to a local kitchen outlet that I have not been to in ages. EUREKA!!! As I was in the bakeware section, I noticed a pastry brush. Not as big as the Big, Beautiful Brush, but it was the same type of brush. The fibers appeared natural (which is probably important), so I bought it.
Verdict? I love it. Since I'm not always doing large projects, I don't always need a large brush. As a matter of fact, when my Big, Beautiful Brush is drying, I use this one. When I'm near it and can take a picture, I will.
So, Froggers, continue to think outside of the box.
And, I read somewhere (from a Frogger, of course), that an economical and safe way to clean your wax brush is to soak it in vegetable oil for a while, then clean it with Dawn detergent and hang to dry. I've been doing it for several months now, and it works like a charm!
That's it for now. I must go continue vacationing. Yeah!
Fondly, Tami
P.S. The Little Cheap Brush doesn't shed fibers any more than the Big, Beautiful Brush. Just sayin'.


  1. I was wondering about this exact thing!! The big beautiful brush is so pretty.... but don't I need two? ouch. being on a budget, I love that you share your experience with the basting brush.

    I have a sister that is a painter.... maybe she can steer me too! (I'll let you know.)

  2. I went with a coupon and bought the largest stencil brush I could find. They would well in small areas but I also found a 2 inch round brush in the Martha Stewart line @ Micheals. Works pretty well still wishing for a big brush.

  3. Hi All, Just wanted to let you in on my brush find that works like a charm on all my furniture pieces! I found it in a local antique shop, it's an old shavig cream brush in great condition for $2.00 and love, love, the soft bristles too! Since the handle is short it makes for good control while waxing. And the $2.00 didn't hurt either!

    1. So excited about the shaving cream brush idea! Thank you for sharing!


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