Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Subway Art- Part 2

I finished my subway art. If you remember the previous post, I didn't have the swirlies on it. I just thought I should add them for some more visual interest. You see that the letters are red, because after I applied the green vinyl onto the red painted board, I painted over the whole thing, vinyl and all, with Old White chalk paint. I carefully pulled up the vinyl, to reveal the red letters. I really love that effect, and it makes it look hand painted. I waxed it with clear Briwax and buffed to a lovely subtle luster. A sawtooth hanger completed the ensemble, and it's ready to be donated to a charitable cause.

I've had some fun doing these other projects as well:

You can't quite tell in this pic, but the base coat is red but the top is Versailles chalk paint with a dry brush technique.

Can you tell I'm into swirlies lately? You may wonder which color the red paint is. I'll give you a hint. It's chalk paint, but I'll reveal my secret later.

This is a simple wood panel with some scrapbook paper decopaged on top. However, the JOY letters were cut with my Cricut, Sure Cuts a Lot, and cereal box material. Since the cereal box isn't super sturdy, I double each letter up, using Mod Podge as a glue. It's such an economical way to do things! And then, I covered them with silver glass glitter from Meyer-Imports. I LOVE their glass glitter! The pic doesn't do it justice. The letters really sparkle.

These letters were "official" chipboard, bought at the Cozy Crop House, which is also now a Ranger retailer. Woot, woot! Right down the street from me! It doesn't get better than that, Froggers!

A mini sign, done on a wood panel.

This Noel was also cut out of cereal box material. I'm gonna have to go eat more Wheat Chex!
Well, that's it for now. I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my projects, and that this gave you some inspiration! After all, that's how I roll.
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Fondly, Tami
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  1. Great signs. You did a fabulous job!! I found you through House of Hepworths.

    Nancy @ The Turner Five

  2. WOW, Tami, your pieces are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. These are amazing Tami!!! *Hugs*

  4. Love them all, Tami! Thank you for sharing.


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