Sunday, September 22, 2013

Christmas Tablescape

Yes, Peeps. I'm thinking about Christmas again. It seems that once Thanksgiving comes and goes, I'm in a rush to decorate and I always have SO many ideas, but I run out of time. Some years, I've decorated right up until Christmas Day, and I've been known to keep the trees up until almost Valentine's Day. I just can't seem to de-decorate. I LOVE Christmas!
So, here's something I did last year, and I'm thinking about repeating it (keep in mind that I hardly ever do the same thing from year to year). 
I decided to do a silver, blue, and white tablescape. I was pretty tickled with it. 

Not that I'm a tablescape expert, but I think the trick is to use a variety of textures and a color theme, but I also like lots of light and sparkle.

The tall glasses were champagne glasses that I purchased at my local thrift shop- 8 for $2. Woot, woot! They're used more for decoration than champagne, but I reserve the right to fill them up with bubbly whenever I want! There are also Waterford brandy snifters, which again, have hardly ever had brandy in them. 

I have two gorgeous Waterford decanters that also needed to be used, so I put blue food coloring in them with some water, and instant color!

Jingle bells from a Christmas clearance sale, paper poinsettias that I cut out, a white table cloth bunched up in the center.

Little droplets.

German status.

Silver teapots and creamers.

Glass glittered stars.

And little white ball ornaments. Seriously, Folks, just use what you have!

And, here's another view of my garland. My neighbor cracked me up when she saw it. She said, "You put all of these on by hand?", as if we had a machine that did it. Boy, now THAT would be a cool thing to have!

Again, just using a lot of what we had. The white flowers were a clearance item from Pottery Barn, which were really just a bag of potpourri, the white "starburst" thingy is a dried allium from our garden that I sprayed white, and the pink flower is a dried peony. 

And, this is one of my favorite ornaments, of which I have many. You can also see one of my beaded snowflakes in the lower left. There's a very cool story behind them, which I'll save for a later date. 

Thanks again for taking the time to look! Fondly, Tami

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