Monday, January 27, 2014

Mixed Media Technique! Textured, Embossed Molding Paste

Hey again, Peeps. I just finished the Online Card Class called "Stenciled", and I've very much enjoyed it. It's a great class even for those who are experienced at using stencils. I learned a few new techniques, and it was a good review of some old ones as well. 
This was inspired by today's class. 
I cut down a piece of heavy weight mixed media paper to just less than what fits on a card (less than 4.125 by 5.5). I like working on panels because if I'm messy, I don't mess up the card base and ruin it. 
Here, I'm using my Hearts Galore Tag Stencil, which you can find in my Etsy shop here.

This stencil has two hearts that are filled with hearts, thus the galore.

I masked off the area that I didn't want to use. Washi or tissue tape is great for this, because it will pull right up.

I slathered on some embossing paste. I wanted this to be very dimensional. 

I didn't want to see any of the little hearts at this point, and that's how I knew I had lots of embossing paste.

I carefully removed the tape and lifted up the stencil to reveal lots of bumpy hearts.

While it was wet, I sprinkled red embossing powder on the paste. Then I set it aside to dry. 

While that was drying, I took my goopy stencil and placed it, goopy side down, on top of a Gelli print paper that I had printed a while back. You can't waste that goopiness, Peeps! I placed a piece of paper over the stencil to rub it into the Gelli print.

I lifted up the stencil to find some lovely little ghost hearts. They weren't absolutely perfect, which is really the look I was going for. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I added more embossing powder/

And, here it is, in all it's imperfect goodness.

Then, I went for another "print" with the embossing paste covered stencil. I used a piece of paper to press down.

And this one was a little more "smashy".
I added some more embossing paste, and since the hearts were a little more "open", I decided to try something else. I embossed with red embossing powder first.

Then, I lined up the stencil again, pressed versamark refill into the hearts,

and covered them with this lovely embossing enamel. I love the texture and shine of this product.

Ready to be heated...almost.

One of the hearts wasn't completely covered, so I just colored it in with my embossing marker.

Here it is, all filled in with powder.

And the shine is just so pretty.

I covered a red card with some clear embossing powder over a swirl design.

And I cut out the big heart. I wasn't happy with how "plain" it was, so I just rocked the edge in a Versamark pad, covered the edge with silver embossing powder, and heated away. NOW it looks appropriately blingy.

Shaping up to be a nice embelly.

Lots of dimension.

And here's the final card. I didn't put a sentiment on the front since I think that special "someone" will know what it's about. I'll write something gushy inside.

Thanks for looking, Peeps!
Fondly, Tami
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  1. Love the way nothing is wasted or lost...appeals not only to my sense of being creative but frugality! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, Elaine. Getting three for one was pretty fun! Fondly, Tami

  2. Well, didn't you have fun, Tami - and the results are not only luscious, but heart-felt!

  3. I just found you through Creative Jump Start 2014 January 27 Show and Tell and LOVED SPENDING THE MORNING WITH YOU! (CAPS intended, by the way!) I know I am not finished experiencing your archives, so I will be spending more time with you (or your blog avatar) in the future. Thank you for putting your life and your talent and yourself out there so that more of us could meet you and--YES--be inspired and encouraged by you.
    I ADORE your heart project and need to buy your stencil. Ms. Frugality here, I have been trying to make my own stencils from leftover take-out boxes, but now that I have seen yours, I am off the hook and can just proceed with my projects, instead of FIRST having to create my own tools.
    HOORAY for making my life easier!
    HOORAY for sharing of yourself on your blog. I feel as if we are friends already.
    HOORAY for sharing your talent!
    And may God continue to bless and support you.

    1. What a sweet comment, NancyGrace! This just absolutely made my day! Blessings to you as well! Fondly, Tami


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