Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It's time to use my stencils, Peeps!

Hey, Peeps. this is a quickie post tonight. I realized that while I design and sell lots of stencils, I'm so busy doing that that I often don't get a chance to play with my own toys! So, I decided to use my Mish Mash stencil from my Etsy shop here.

This is actually one of my favorite larger stencils since it has tons of texture. It's almost like several stencils in one because it has so much going on.

So, here are a few things I did with it. I played with some mixed media paper and paint, using the Creative Jumpstart class prompts.

For starters, I took my stencil and just dabbed a few colors of paint through the designs.

After that, I placed the stencil on a brand new piece of mixed media paper and rubbed over and through it with a baby wipe. This accomplished two things. It cleaned my stencil and made another very cool page.

Here's the "rub-through". 

After that, I just added some transparent, high flow yellow paint to the first print. It's all about layers, Peeps, and this one will probably get several more before the week is over. And, sorry for the lighting. It is a dark and stormy night here in PA.

I'll be posting more on these pages in the near future. 
And, thanks again for checking out my blog. I do feel another stencil giveaway coming up.
Fondly, Tami

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  1. Fun - love the layers! Thanks for being part of CJS 2015!!!


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