Tuesday, January 25, 2011

That time of life

So, y'all know how cold it's been in the Northeast lately, huh? Well, believe it or not, on the way to church on Sun., I put on my air conditioning in my car. Yup. I really did. I couldn't believe it. The temperature outside was in the single digits, and I had my air conditioning on. I was sweating. I mean, I was about ready to strip down, but since I was on my way to church, after all, I though it would be prudent to keep my clothes on and opt to put on my air conditioning in the middle of winter. How ridiculous is that? Yes, if you haven't gone through it yet, menopause is real...and it's NOT pretty. Ah, yes. There are those who have told me, "I didn't have any problem". Well, la dee freakin' da! I'd like to tell them that I'm happy for them, but I'm not. At all. Not the slightest bit. Anyway, that's the rant from this hot (and I don't mean sexy hot) middle-aged mortheastern female who's trying not to be too irritable. I hope my family survives in spite of me. Fondly, Tami

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  1. So understand this post! I was absolutely convinced I was running so much hotter than the rest of the population. I know it doesn't help much when you're going thru it, but, this too shall pass :-)


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