Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Act like a skinny person

That's my new motto. I'm sick of being fat. I'm not getting any younger. What am I waiting for? So, I'm really working on losing weight. That said, I've been thinking about delicious low fat food (can there be such a thing?), and I was reminded about my Big Mac sauce. You know- the kind that just makes a Big Mac a Big Mac. Years ago (and I mean centuries), my mom and I were craving a Big Mac, but we really didn't live near a MacDonald's and we couldn't easily just go out and get one. So, being the excellent cook that she is, she decided to make some Big Mac sauce. The ingredients are simple (and since, I'm sure there have been "recipes" posted, but my Mom did it first!). Mix ketchup, *low fat* or *fat free* mayo, and sweet pickle relish. That's it. When I grill hamburgers for the Fam, I just make a small one for myself and put it on a bed of lettuce with my *special sauce*, lettuce, cheese (sparingly), pickles, onions, without the sesame seed bun (and I throw in some tomatoes for good measure). It's yummy, and not bad for you, either. Try it and let me know if you like it! BTW, I looked for my SVG Mardis Gras mask and discovered I deleted it! UGH! Don't cha hate it when that happens? Anyway, I will be fabricating one in the next few days, so stay tuned! How are you all doing with this bad weather today? We were supposed to get up to an inch of ice, but it wasn't that bad so far. However, *they* say that the worst of it is to come, so we'll see. I'm just glad I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow. Fondly, Tami


  1. Tami,
    Thanks for your mom's recipe. We don't eat hamburgs much except in the summer on the grill once in awhile we will have them so I will have to wait till summer to try this. So sorry about the mask. I hate when I delete things I want. Any ways, thought I would say thanks...

  2. hanging in there..why is it that we worry about how we "look"??? We never see in the obituaries that he/she was fat, smoked, drank or never housekeeped..I'm getting mid-aged too and i just want to be able to get up each day and smile.. I take care of elderly people every day and i'm glad to see them still kicking..just my .02cents...lol..

  3. For some reason I wasn't able to comment before, but I apparently fixied my clixies so I can comment now, though I've been reading all along.

    -cuz Heath, aka Overhauler (it's a food/nutrition blog someone asked me to startup a while ago and I have been in fits and starts on it - welcome to read if you're interested).

  4. stopped by from a blog hop and stayed to read all your posts, I enjoyed them immensely! Thanks for the laughs and I'll be back :O)


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