Sunday, July 31, 2011

DIY Cupcake Stand

We had a lovely birthday/graduation bash last night, however, there are no pics of our peeps. What's up with that? I believe that my blogging mindset has spiraled out of control where I think only of decorations and not people. Have I become a FREAK? I guess if I have, you're all going to have to forgive me. 

HubbyDoc feverishly cut, stripped, and arranged flowers. He is quite the gardener. I, however, am not. We love taking garden walks in the spring. He gets excited when his baby seeds start sprouting as he envisions the burgeoning crop of flowers to come. One day, I decided to help HubbyDoc by doing some weeding. We hadn't yet mulched, and the weeds were coming in thickly. When he got home from work, I proudly announced to him that I had done some work for him in the garden. Grateful, he and I took our garden walk after dinner. We arrived at the back garden when, in astonishment, he questioned, "What happened to my Egyptian daisies???"


He did end up forgiving me. Now, I only pull out thistles.

Here are some of the fruits of his efforts.

The house looked like a flower shop, but I'm down with that.
However, in the midst of the home-infested flora, I was quite proud of this.

Youngest has been watching Cupcake Wars, and has been inspired to bake. Here are her now-famous chocolate cocoa cupcakes. Several weeks ago, she and I were trying to decide how to display them on the table. It's difficult with cupcakes, because you can't stack them, and they take up so much room. In a moment of sheer inspiration, I thought of taking 2 glass table toppers- you know, the ones that are made for the particle board tripod tables that you cover with a tablecloth, and elevating one using 4 of the 12 champagne glasses that I got at a thrift shop for $2 (*score*). I used sticky tack to adhere the top layer of glass on the champagne glasses (that were turned upside down with curled ribbon inside). I added a few die cuts that I made with my Cricut for a little extra decoration.

Youngest decorated the cupcakes with pink icing, a sprinkling of sanding sugar, and a chocolate tube. They were the hit of the party.

She also made the house more festive by hanging pink and white crepe flowers.

Today, HubbyDoc and I did the dishes, I did a quick sweeping, and now we're chillaxin'. Thanks for stopping in.
Fondly, Tami
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  1. What a great idea! Those cupcakes look so great :)


  2. All those flowers! And then the cupcakes. My oh my but that was a site to see in the pictures. Hubbydoc did a wonderful job on the flowers and your daughter's cupcakes made it all so festive.

  3. Thanks for posting pictures of the party decorations (really, that is what most of us bloggers want to see anyway). Those flowers are just TOO BEAUTIFUL! My very favorties are the zinnas. The cupcakes look so very yummy. Great idea for the cupcake stand.

  4. Well, aren't you clever with your cupcake stand! That was such a great idea. And your husband has quite a gift with flowers!
    Oh, and don't feel too bad about the photos...I've found that happening to me as well! You really do have a different perspective on photography once you start blogging! :)

  5. I love the idea of the flowers hanging from the ceiling. I think I'll do that for my granddaughter when she has her Sweet 16 party.


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