Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Crafting away

Boy, am I ever pooped! I've needed to craft away for my space at Building Character. It's nice to HAVE to craft, though. It takes away any guilt that I might feel for having lots of dust on my tables, dirt on my floor, and general scuzzies in the house.
Since I'm so tired, I need to keep this brief. I thought I'd show you a few things I've been working on. But, you have to forgive me for 2 things:
1. I didn't take before pics. I totally forgot. Sorry.
2. These pics were taken with my cell phone because I was so busy crafting, I forgot to take pics before I put them in my Howsewears space. Sorry again.

Here are some tags. I finally bought a pasta machine to roll them out. Boy, am I ever glad I did!

Here's a lamp (there are actually 2) that I bought at a yard sale and dressed up the shade with...you guessed it...drop cloth material. I added a few rosettes to make it cute. Gotta make it cute.

 On the right side, you can see the hand towel box that covers those Kleenex hand towels. I thought that having the plain Kleenex box in the bathroom was rather boring and not very classy. I asked my dad if he could make a wooden cover for it, and lo and behold. He's pretty fab.
Of course, I had to paint it and put a graphic on it. Yeah.

And here's another wreath.

The picture doesn't do it justice. It's made with dried sunflowers, dogwood blossoms, straw flowers, blackberry lilies, yarrow, red peppers, lavender, status, hydrangeas, globe thistle, and dried daffodils. The flowers were all grown by HubbyDoc and then I dry them. I love that symbiotic relationship.
Well, I think I need to take a shower and curl up with my sudoku or a book.
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Fondly, Tami
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  1. I adore your tags. Your lampshade is so cute and I love the handmade wreath.



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