Monday, January 13, 2014

Inspirational Mixed Media Project

Hey again, Peeps. I'm loving doing canvases lately, and this one is no exception. I played with a faux encaustic technique, which was way too much fun.
I started by layering scrapbook papers, dress pattern paper (a "normal" household item, used as suggested by Nathalie Kalbach in her Creative Jumpstart 2014 class, music paper, and vintage flash cards. Next time, I need to not duplicate the flash cards, but I'll take care of that later. 

I added lots and lots of layers, including swirls that I cut out with my Black Cat cougar, canvas tape, a bird cutout, canvas flowers, dot stamps with gesso, and my new Rubber Stamp Peelings technique.

My canvas flowers are an obsession.

This one has two flowers.

You can see the Rubber Peelings Technique under the lower flower. Do you remember my hand-carved stamp post here and here?
Well, I was getting ready to throw the rubber peelings out, and like a true mixed media hoarder artist, I thought, "I bet I can use these...."
So, I glued them onto a piece of cardstock, waited for the glue to harden, then I applied white gesso on top. It gave me some very fun texture.

Here's a decorated side.

A little mica paste for some shimmer, and some stamping on top of the wax for more depth and dimension.

Some more mica paste.

And here you can see the translucency of the wax. I just melted (carefully) some beeswax in my melting pot, then I brushed it onto my canvas using a natural bristle brush (I believe synthetic will melt). I stamped on top with a dot stamp and some gesso.

And, here's one of my original sayings. "She decided she wouldn't mind what people thought of her, and she became more of who she was intended to be," born out of something I learned when I turned 40. It was a very valuable lesson, and it has brought me much freedom in my life. Yay!

And, there you have it. A new canvas. 
Thanks for looking again!
Fondly, Tami


  1. Love this! I like how you kept all the layers visible. I like this better than painting over all the goodness underneath.
    The vintage colors and ephemera are perfect.

  2. Your canvas is so beautiful - love it!

  3. very cool

    here from CJS2014 Faber-Castel link page

  4. This is fabulous! (Here from CJS link page)


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